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Terms and Conditions

Project Terms

All judgments/quotes are based on our knowledge of your specifications and as per the provided time-frame. Any modifications to the functionality including micro-improvements may acquire added charges subsequently. Please secure and refine our knowledge in a face-to-face encounter.

By receiving a quote, you consent to and receive the terms and conditions of Isten Technologia. The agreement can be spoken, by email, amount of Investment, employing a quote.

Customers to guarantee that we become involved with all elements in the quotes/suggestions/judgments and that we completely comprehend their specifications. Customers must present us with transparent guidelines forward with the current or special circumstances they may need. When such items are not granted, we will continue with our knowledge of the terms and quote respectively. At a later step, if a difference occurs, it may manage to supplementary charges to support the quarters. Therefore, you must explain every perspective of your website development and guarantee that you have been requested on the right conditions.

Digital Marketing

All digital marketing/policy alliances are for at least 6 months duration. Consequently, withdraw anytime including free one-month email notification.

They are charged regularly and are owed by the 1st of each month.

Packaging are created with grasping in thought Digital Marketing/Strategy demands of our customers. There are particular man-hours allotted every month and good man-hours are not moved overhead to the next month. No third person software or retailing prices are involved. Isten Technologia applies a straightforward management system, which suggests that although we don’t formally give over any additional terms to the following month or formally collect additional man-hours, we do realize that your requirements may vary from month to month, also we provide compliance in genuine belief sometimes.

Payment Terms

Owed by the first day of each month. We actively advise our customers to have a close account set-up for the equivalent.

A regulatory fee will be credited to the client's statement for any delayed payments or failed account card entries.

There are no returns for unspecified expenses compared to the digital retailing/policy set.


All digital marketing/plan sets are for at least 6 months period. Thereafter, withdraw anytime with clear one-month email notification.


Hosting is a yearly price that needs to be given in advance for the complete year. Except if the customer is following one of our Maintenance packages.

It is the client’s loyalty to renew the hosting in time ie. before the expiry time. Failure to recover in the future can commence declining of records, data, emails, backups, etc. All due hosting are disabled or removed from the server.

All renewals need to be returned by seven working days before the expiry time. Isten Technologia will not be liable for problems linking to the postponed amount.