6 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing (SMM) is Important

importance of social media marketing

Social media is gaining a lot of importance in recent years. The way we interact with the near and dear ones, the way it brings the news to us and even how we come to know about the recent trends and ongoing talks of the town and the world. Have a look near and far, social media is everywhere, it is inevitable, it is authoritative and it has deep roots now.

Social media is showing aggressive growth since 2004 and as of now, it hasn’t reached the pinnacle of fame yet. One cannot withhold the fact that social media platforms are now a dominant source of information, trends, and news. Platforms of social media are exclusive in the way they connect with the customers. They not only provide uncounted possibilities to share user-friendly content such as audios, videos, and pictures, but they also offer a platform for the users to interact beyond the boundaries may it be social or local.

But now the question arises is, is it going to be of worth, making an investment in social media for your business? Can SMM be looked at as a focal point for your marketing strategy? The answer to these questions is dependent on your customers, but social media marketing cannot be ignored at any cost.

Growth in terms of size, every platform of social media has an uncommon audience. To be successful, you need to aim at catering your content to the audience present on the popular platforms of social media.

Here are few statistics on social media which will make you understand the value of SMM and will also help you to strengthen your social media marketing strategy:

1. No. of Social Media Users

As per the report of (Emarsys 2019) 3.2 billion people worldwide are present on the social media platform, which is about 42% of the overall population of the world. This social media statistic clearly states that the world of social media is growing exponentially.

2. Usage-based on Generation

The statistics results related to the usage of social media by generation is quite fascinating. The E-marketers have carried out research on the usage of social media by breaking down the population into generations and the results for which are, Millennials account for about 90.4%, Gen X 77.5% whereas Baby boomers account for about 48.2% (E marketer, 2019).

3. Average Time Spent Per Day

We, humans, are now slowly becoming addicts of social media. Be it sharing a bunch of photos of your exotic lunch on Instagram or scrolling over and over of your Facebook feeds. Social media has become inevitable. 2hours and 22minutes is the average time a person uses social media per day. (Globalwebindex, 2018).

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Brands are chronically adopting social media in their marketing strategy – for their good. Right from posting a story on Instagram to using influencer marketing, they are using it all. As a huge number of audiences is available on social media, brands can enjoy a cost-effective marketing practice, build brand loyalty and increase their reach. However, measuring the success of social media brunt is difficult.

As per (Buffer, 2019), 73% of marketers believe that the efforts they have put in SMM have been “very effective” for the business.

5. Customers are using Social Media

Social researchers using social media to search for products has a count of 54%. This statistic depicts how social media is growing in terms of impact and reach. Before making the purchase decision the customers do look for reviews and recommendations on social media.

Thus, having an outstanding online presence over the major social media platforms becomes crucial. You just need to identify which social media channel is used majorly by your target audience. (Globalwebindex, 2018).

6. Positive Customer Experience Impact

Having the best customer service can play a vital role in growing your business and spreading positive word of mouth. Have a social media presence and have a look at what people or customers are talking about the brand. Keep in touch with your customers through (#) tag mentions, tweets, messages, comments, likes, and dislikes.

According to a report by (Forbes, 2019), 71% of the customers who’ve had a delightful experience with your brand are likely to spread a positive word of mouth amongst their family and friends. So, ignoring your customers’ feedback on social media platforms can cause a blunder.

Social media is all over the place, so you need to be present where your customers are. The above points depict the exponential growth of social media over the years. Including SMM in your marketing strategy will make you understand your customers and it will help you meet the customers’ needs.

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